Stainless Steel Pawl & Gear

The pawl and gear shown here were fabricated for a customer in the food industry. Composed of 304 stainless-steel, it was formed on our state of the art 90,000 PSI water jet cutter. The water jet cutter itself is the largest available in the industry, and can maintain tolerances of ±.001″. This capacity is only part of our precision processes; we have been master tool makers for over 35 years.
The finished parts gear measured 6.00″ in diameter, 0.500″ in thickness, with a 2B finish. After manufacturing the parts were dimensionally inspected using our Virtek 2D laser scanner. In addition to our precision machining capabilities we also offer in-house engineering and tool making services, as well as large stock of materials. For more information on all of our services and capabilities, contact us directly.