As a final step in the fabrication process, Schuler Manufacturing provides shot (sand) blasting, powder coating, and plastisol coating for chemical, weather, and impact resistance, along with wear and abrasion protection.


For a clean finish that increases the adhesion and durability of the powder and plastisol coatings, Schuler uses a sandblasting process that can handle large items without disassembly.

Powder Coating

The powder coating service adds to the “complete package” aspect of fabrication by incorporating multiple layers of highly specialized paints for aesthetic and protective finishes.


Plastisol Coating

Schuler Manufacturing offers the plastisol coating process for custom hardness and color requirements. The hot-dipped finished parts are then oven-baked to specific curing specifications. It is suitable for many niche markets and applications.

We serve a diverse group of companies as we strive to meet the fast-paced needs of today’s environment.