Who We Are

Honesty is Our Policy

If you have a project requiring advanced laser processing technologies, machining or custom fabrication, then Schuler Manufacturing is the company for you. We stock and cut a wide variety of metals up to 1″ thick. We combine state-of-the-art CNC cutting technology with old-fashioned service and attention to detail. We make it our policy to provide customers with the best service possible. We make no promises we cannot keep and we pride ourselves in being up front and honest with our customers.

Our History

Kevin Schuler started Schuler Machine & Tool Co. in 1984 in his parent’s garage in Southern Indiana. Business kept growing, mainly through word of mouth. For the first 20 years, the company had no salesperson, Schuler said. Two years ago, Kevin Schuler’s son, Kevin Ryan Schuler, a Bellarmine University graduate, became the first.

Our Investment 

As the business grew, Schuler expanded his building by buying the adjoining properties and knocking down the mostly abandoned shotgun houses that remained on them.

Over the years, Schuler has invested in equipment much more expensive than the first machine he bought. Inside the fabricating shop, workers program a $1.2 million laser-cutting machine to make finely cut parts for everything from barbecue grills to steel stairways.

Others use a press, which can exert 225 pounds of pressure, to bend steel pieces into shape.


Schuler Manufacturing specializes in advanced laser processing technologies, machining, and custom fabrication. Schuler also has state-of-the-art CNC cutting technologies.


Whether you need a single mockup, qualification prototypes, or high-volume production, we can support you through your design, engineering, and production stages.

Fast Turn-Around and Highest Quality

We return most quotes within 24 hours or less to serve a diverse group of companies as we strive to meet the fast-paced “Just In Time” needs of today’s competitive business environment. To facilitate fast turn-around and the highest quality, we maintain an extensive inventory of raw materials. Our inventory of ferrous and non-ferrous metals has been carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. Upon request, we furnish test reports (or some other form of certification) on all materials we provide. Our expertise covers a wide range of materials including steels, alloys, stainless, and aluminum.

We have the ability to provide you with fast-turn prototypes and we can gear up for economical high-volume production. Our Engineers can advise you on what the most cost-effective manufacturing methods are for your product. Our lead engineer, Brian Pillow, is a degree engineer with extensive experience in this business. Customers appreciate his careful print and specification review as a double-check prior to production.

We serve a diverse group of companies as we strive to meet the fast-paced needs of today’s environment.