Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cutting

Schuler’s dedicated cutting department is manned by a team that has mastered the learning curve in the cutting business through years of experience. They have been provided all of the right tools – better than any similar type of service in Kentucky and Southern Indiana – and have put the very best procedures solidly in place. The end result is that Schuler’s customers receive quality work backed up by QC reports and “first article inspection” reports for each job.

Water Jet Cutting Has No Limits

Manufacturers are realizing more and more every day there are virtually no limits to what water jets are capable of cutting and machining. Due to its versatility and ease of operation, water jet-cutting technology has become one of the fastest-growing machine processes in the world.

What We Use:

Flow 98k Water Jet

We serve a diverse group of companies as we strive to meet the fast-paced needs of today’s environment.